Wastewater Treatment

The benefits of Alternative Wastewater treatment include:

  • Inexpensive to construct and operate
  • On-Site
  • Easily maintained
  • Provide effective and reliable wastewater treatment
  • Can tolerate both large and small volumes of water and varying contaminant levels.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and provide habitat for wildlife and human enjoyment.
  • Allow for water reuse and recycling

Municpal Wastewater Treatment,


Primary Treatment

Alternative Treatment at Jordan Lake Business Center,

Secondary Treatment


The wastewater management systems developed at IWS offer an alternative to conventional wastewater treatment--specifically municipal sewage lines and traditional septic systems.

By combining the treatment steps used in traditional processes with plant-based filtration, designed ecosystems produce high quality effluent that meet city or county water regulations.

Designed Ecosystems have the additional benefits of nutrient removal, low-impact installation, reduced construction costs and reduced risk of septic failure.


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