Integrated Water Strategies services include:

  • Site analysis
  • Project consultation
  • Site-specific system development
  • Project implementation and oversight
  • Regulatory experience
  • Permit requirements
  • Educational and Demonstration systems



Projects and consulting are applicable to:

  • Residences
  • Communities
  • Schools
  • Industry




Designed Ecosystems are created through a comprehensive project management process that is intentionally rooted in open dialogue with clients, soil scientists, regulatory officials and system operators, in order to achieve a system that is uncompromising in design. IWS works with clients to develop a project that not only meets their project needs but also places priority on the environmental integrity of a location.




 IWS is invested in providing environmental education and offer models that are demonstrative of natural processes as well as best management practices. We currently offer tours of the Jordan Lake Business Center, curriculum development, outreach for students, clients, businesses and visitors, and research at both undergraduate and graduate levels.