Design for nature by nature
IWS creates systems that mimic the filtration characteristics of natural ecosystems and provide an environmentally sensitive alternative to conventional wastewater management.



Water is Limited
Less than one-percent of the world's water is available for use. Cleaning water for reuse is an effective way to maintain water quality and supply.



Understanding Watersheds
Surface water is constantly moving. Contaminants, toxins or nutrients travel with the water and, if improperly filtered, can be quickly carried downstream, effecting communities and ecosystems.




Clean water is Essential
All life is dependent upon water. Improperly treated water can lead to disease and ecosystem imbalance, such as eutrophication.




At IWS, we develop systems that recycle wastewater and stormwater for residences, businesses, industry and institutions. Our projects issue responsibility in water management by offering at-the-source treatment and maintain environmental integrity by using low-impact technology.