Montessori School of Raleigh, Middle School Campus

Montessori School of Raleigh

Middle School Campus

Durham, NC

Dr. House headed the team that designed and supervised installation of the wastewater recycling system for this Montessori School that was constructed within an area with tremendous challenges to both water supply and wastewater management. The system utilizes wastewater treatment with constructed wetlands and landscape berms that are both integral to the landscape design as well as the teaching and learning experience for the school. Students study the natural cycles within the water recycling system, the ecology of its flora and fauna, and the societal issues surrounding the conservation of our natural resources.


Use :


Private School System


System Components :


Vegetated Berms, Subsurface Wetland, Open Storage Wetland, Low-Impact Forest Irrigation


Type of Water:


Wastewater, Stormwater


Water In:




Water Out:




Constructed Wetland Low Impact Irrigation Wet-Weather Storage Pond