Jordan Lake Business Center

Jordan Lake Business Center (Old Triangle School)

Chatham County, NC

This system in Chatham County was the first water reclamation and reuse project in North Carolina and utilizes designed ecosystems such as constructed wetlands to both cleanse and recycle water for the Old Triangle School renovation project. The water recycling system consists of a courtyard containing planter boxes, constructed wetlands and a greenhouse, which are designed to treat sewage from within the small business facility and to provide recreational space for its 60 employees. Utilization of simple treatment and reuse technology has permitted the business owners to renovate an abandoned and deteriorating school building into a home for several thriving and nationally based businesses and to protect the water quality of a nearby regional water supply. The Triangle School Wastewater Treatment System is a hybrid system in which wastewater is not only treated, but water and nutrients are reclaimed and recycled. The hill/marsh system below is an example of a hybrid system in which the hill acts as a soil filter and the marsh as a wetland. The Triangle School uses this combination with an innovative, space-saving scheme in which the soil filter (hill) is stacked on top of the wetland (marsh).

System Components:
Planter Box Constructed Wetlands, Subsurface Wetland, Greenhouse
Water Type:
Water In:
Water Out:
Irrigation, Reuse