Unique Technology providing Unique Education Systems are designed to put an emphasis on understanding by proximity--going beyond the confines of walls and books and encouraging experiential learning. This is possible because designed ecosystems create a space/environment that can be physically visited. By taking the visitor into consideration, systems become 'classrooms' that teach innovative methods of solving an old problem. IWS approaches each system as a demonstration of holistic design so that a visitor will leave knowing more about natural wetlands, wastewater treatment, native vegetation, water re-use and other sustainable water management practices. Alternative Technology Alternative technologies are often perceived as inaccessible due to a lack of background or unattainable information. Our systems not only emphasize originality in treatment methods but, through design choices, make the functionality of the system easy to obtain. This can include descriptive signage, use of materials such as clear piping and recycled plastics, or self-guided tour guides.

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