Systems Technology

The technology utilized at IWS combines multiple filtration methods to create site-specific systems that are accurate and efficient in treatment.
Because of the planning and technological influences in these systems, we refer to them as Designed Ecosystems—one treatment process made of many complementary filtration techniques, both natural and designed.
The individual components are chosen as appropriate and can include constructed wetlands, vegetated soil/sand filters, bioretention ponds, rain gardens, green roofs, etc.
Designing with a systems approach highlights the importance in all facets of design:

  • a client's needs
  • make up of the water being treated
  • topography and hydrology of a site
  • relevant regulations

Site topography and weather conditions play a large role in stormwater management, systems at schools may focus on demonstration and education, and others may strictly follow principles of low-impact design. Systems are also designed to emphasize the aesthetic value and social space that a well-designed courtyard or landscape system creates.